Jersey foodie events

A half-dozen foodie events to savour

Mix ingredients. Season to perfection. Serve up with fun and friendship.

Jersey Big 4

Don't miss trying... Jersey's Big 4:

1. JERSEY ROYALS In Jersey one of the largest tides in the world nourishes the land with rich marine minerals. It’s why Jersey Royals have a unique flavour. Taste them in the only place they’re grown.

2. LOBSTER The currents that orbit Jersey bring shellfish, crab and lobster close to our shores. So when you see lobster on a Jersey menu, you can be sure it’s locally caught.

3. JERSEY COWS Explore Jersey’s countryside and you won’t be able to miss the iconic Jersey cow. Famous for their rich creamy milk, treat yourself to Jersey cream, locally-made cheese and ice-cream while you’re here.

4. OYSTERS Discover local oysters cultivated in the oyster beds fed by the shallow waters of the bay of Grouville, with a castle as a backdrop. Best eaten with a view of the sea.

Jersey Destination