King Charles and Queen Camilla to visit Jersey

JERSEY Published 12 Jun 24 by Matt

A holiday fit for a King! (or Queen)

Did you hear? Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla are visiting the beautiful Channel Islands next month to attend a special sitting of the States Assembly as well as an open air expo showcasing the best of Jersey and a centuries old ceremony of Homage to His Majesty in Guernsey.

Their visit to the islands will be the fist visit of a ruling monarch since Queen Elizabeth II visited Jersey in 2005 and the first official visit in 12 years (and the first since King Charles’ accession). Whilst their full itinerary is to be announced the King and Queen will be visiting Jersey on Monday 15th and Guernsey Tuesday 16th July.

So, what Channel Island experiences would we recommend for a King or Queen? As always there are too many fabulous experiences and attractions showcasing the best of these islands but we hope they get to enjoy some down time and embrace that island feeling.

La Mare Wine Estate, Jersey

As enthusiasts of farming, produce and the environment, a trip to the Channel Islands wouldn’t be complete without a stop at La Mare for the royals Jersey’s only winery and distillery offers a unique view into the island’s heritage. From the traditional Jersey Black Butter lovingly produced from centuries old recipes, uniting the local community each year, to the innovative ways of production that enhance the flavours and botanicals within their wines and spirits.

5* Grand Jersey Hotel for a spot of Afternoon Tea

A stay here is GRAND enough without an added afternoon treat but if you have a moment to pop in you will not be disappointed. The view alone makes this a wonderful place to while away your day, drinking and dining as you look out over St Aubin’s Bay either from the terrace or Champagne Lounge. Combined with the impeccable service customary of a Handpicked hotel, delicate sandwiches and beautifully-prepared pastries makes this a purely divine and indulgent experience, sure to leave you feeling like a prince or princess.

 Indulge in a seafood dinner and traditional culinary delights.

Irrespective of which island you visit, the Channel Islands are home to some of the best seafood in the world (yes we really think so)! From your humble fish and chip dinner to extensive menus of seafood specialities, the cuisine here will leave anyone craving some more. Fresh crab and lobster, oysters, ormers and so many more, come straight from the ocean to your plate. What’s more, the Channel Islands protect and govern the area from overfishing and harvesting, respecting the local ecology and natural food chains.

Home to many delectable culinary delights such as Jersey Ice Cream and Guernsey dairy, Jersey Royal potatoes, Jersey Wonders, Gâche (a traditional Guernsey fruit bread) not to be missed the Channel Islands is an understated culinary destination that never fails to make our mouths water. We invite Their Majesties (and yourselves) to make the most of island cuisine and really discover the types of foods that have fuelled generations.

Explore Mont Orgueil Castle, Jersey

As the only occupied British territory in World War II, The Channel Islands are home to a number of fortifications and battlements. These can be seen from the war tunnels in Jersey and La Vallette Guernsey, modified towers including Greve de Lecq Napoleonic tower, Pleinmont Observation Tower and so many more.

We would have to recommend a stop at Mont Orgueil Castle, where centuries of history await to be discovered - from the castle’s inception as a frontline defence to changes over the years, making way for cannons and World War II technologies when occupied by Hitler’s Army. During the visit, The King and Queen can also journey back in time, visiting the timeline of their royal ancestors present from the Medieval Tree of Succession to the first holographic head and shoulders portrait of the late Queen, Queen Elizabeth II which was commissioned in 2003 to celebrate Jersey’s octocentennial (800 years) anniversary of allegiance to the Crown.

Play a round at Royal Guernsey Golf Club

This superb 18-hole course on L’Ancresse Common will delight all golfers, regardless of expertise. As patrons of golfing clubs elsewhere the King will surely enjoy this course, with beautiful views of the natural undulating environment looking out across the bay and dotted with Guernsey towers. It’s truly an escape plus a visit to the club restaurant showcases the best of local produce and a great way to round off the day.

It's effortless to feel like a royal - with our wide choice of accommodations, travel options and added experiences, you can sit back and relax as we make all your holiday arrangements for you. Leaving you to enjoy your holiday as it’s meant to be. Visit our latest offers or our Jersey, Guernsey pages and start planning your royal visit today.