The Apprentice Scavenger Hunt: Uncovering Unique Jersey Treasures

JERSEYTHINGS-TO-DOFOOD Published 23 February 24 by Leslie

Jersey, the picturesque island nestled in the English Channel, renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, has recently captured the attention of a well-known television show – The Apprentice. In a thrilling twist, Lord Alan Sugar and his team of aspiring entrepreneurs have descended upon the island for an exhilarating scavenger hunt to uncover Jersey's most unique wares.

For those unfamiliar, The Apprentice is a beloved BBC reality series where candidates compete in various business challenges to impress Lord Sugar and win his investment in their entrepreneurial endeavours. This season, the candidates' mettle is put to the test as they navigate the charming streets and hidden gems of Jersey in search of treasures that reflect the island's distinct identity.

What makes this challenge so compelling is Jersey's rich tapestry of culture and history, woven into every corner of the island. From its ancient dolmens to its quaint seaside villages, Jersey boasts a treasure trove of uniquely Jerseyan artifacts, delicacies, and crafts waiting to be discovered.

The candidates, armed with their wit and determination, set out on their quest, guided by a list of clues that lead them to Jersey's most renowned artisans and producers. From 30 kilograms of Jersey Royals to a seven foot surf board, apple cider brandy to a traditional Jersey ‘bachîn,’ used for making the island's delicious black butter, there was no stone unturned during this exciting challenge.

Follow in the footsteps of the cast, setting off from Mont Orgueil Castle in the east, racing across the island to the iconic La Corbière Lighthouse in the west. We've put some idea's together, inspired by all that the competitors got up to so you can customise your island adventure and experience the best of Jersey across four fabulous days.

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  • Experience the island’s eclectic east coast with an outdoor sauna session and sea dip. Indulge in local flavours like our famous Jersey wonders and fresh-as-they-come oysters, washed clean by some of Europe’s biggest tides.
  • Hop on an electric EVie bike and step back in time at Hamptonne Country Life Museum. Venture onwards to La Mare Estate for a Tasting and Distillery Tour, followed by a trip to natural beauty spot Devil’s Hole, where you’ll also find local glass blower Marc McCarthy.
  • Get active with Aerial Trekking at Valley Adventure followed by lunch at Faulkner Fisheries. Finish the day with a surf and sundowner down in St Ouen’s Bay.

Day 1. Wonders, Jersey jumpers and freshly shucked oysters

As the sun rises over Jersey's picturesque coastline, your journey begins, drawing inspiration from the unique treasures sought after by The Apprentice teams. On day one of their scavenger hunt, the contestants were tasked with collecting 24 fresh Jersey Wonders, a Jersey pullover with an anchor motif and a dozen freshly shucked oysters. Today's itinerary promises a delightful fusion of seaside charm, local flavours, and a dash of retail therapy – the perfect start to your very own island adventure.

Stop 1. The Sauna Society and The Breakwater Café at St Catherine's

Begin your day with a moment of self-care - start with a stimulating sea swim, a popular activity for visitors and locals alike, and alternating with an idyllic woodfired outdoor sauna overlooking St Catherine’s Bay. Immersing yourself in hot/cold therapy, surrounded by nature and the sound of waves drifting onto the beach is incredibly revitalising for both the body and soul. You can book spaces for a private or communal session with The Sauna Society.

Finish your wholesome morning with a visit to the local Breakwater Café, tucking into one (or more!) of their famed Jersey Wonders and a cup of something warm. There are few better ways to start the day and your holiday in Jersey.

Stop 2. Gorey Harbour and Mont Orgueil Castle

This is one of Jersey’s best known locations, after all it’s hard to miss the magnificent medieval battlements of Mont Orgueil castle looming over the pastel coloured cottages. The relaxed fishing village of Gorey is a centre for Jersey’s food heritage from the steep fields where the first Jersey Royal Potatoes were grown to the locally caught seafood served in eateries, moments from the bay.

Step away from Gorey Pier and the concentration of local restaurants gives way to a collection of local stores, filled with artisan pieces of island charm to take home with you. Venture into the boutique Old Sail Loft, in the footsteps of the Apprentice contestants seeking to find a Jersey pullover at the only stockist of genuine Jersey jumpers on the island. 

After a spot of lunch in Gorey, head up to explore Mont Orgueil Castle and discover its story as frontline defence from its formation to the second world war when occupied by Hitler’s army.

Stop 3. Oyster Tour and Seymour Pub

Conclude your day by embracing the serene beauty of Jersey's southeast coast as you make your way to the Seymour slipway. Here, embark on a captivating guided Oyster Trail led by Jersey Walk Adventures, and learn more behind farming one of the island's esteemed 'big four' culinary treasures (which also includes lobster, dairy and Jersey Royals).

Treat your taste buds to a sampling of the island's finest oysters and other local produce at The Seymour Pub, a traditional good old fashioned Jersey tavern. Wash down these delectable delights with a refreshing pint of locally brewed Liberation Ale, savouring the perfect pairing of flavours amidst the coastal charm of this beloved seaside establishment.

Day 2. A bachîn, brandy and hand blown glass

For day two, draw further inspiration from the other distinctive items on The Apprentice’s ‘shopping list’ including a bachîn, apple cider brandy, and a hand-blown sea salt glass jar. In search of these items, the cast left the lively market town of St Helier for the picturesque, tranquil rural landscape to discover history, craftsmanship, and further culinary delights.

Stop 1: Hamptonne Country Life Museum

Explore the expansive 15th century farmstead of Hamptonne Country Life Museum, complete with a traditional cider barn or pressoir. Immerse yourself in the island's rich cider-making heritage and wander through the cider apple orchard, and meet the Hamptonne calves, chickens, sheep and piglets in the traditional farmstead and meadow. Keep your eyes peeled for the traditional bachîn as seen in the TV programme, famed for its role in crafting Jersey's renowned black butter chutney. With guided tours and Living History reenactments offered year-round, this Jersey Heritage site is a must-visit for history enthusiasts of all ages.

Stop 2: La Mare Estate

Just a stone's throw from Hamptonne lies La Mare Wine Estate, the southernmost vineyard in the British Isles. Beyond its vineyards, this picturesque countryside destination boasts a distillery where the sought-after Jersey Apple Brandy is produced, and its popular variant using decadent Jersey Cream. Indulge in a Tasting Experience and Distillery Tour or unleash your inner chocolatier with a Chocolate Making session led by the estate's in-house expert. For a delightful lunch overlooking the sprawling vines, the Vineyard Café offers a serene setting amidst nature's splendour and if you’ve fallen in love with the produce here like we have, be sure to pick up some before your flight home.

Stop 3: Devil's Hole

A little further north lies Devil’s Hole, where Marc McCarty, the Channel Islands' sole glassblower, invites you to witness the ancient art of glassblowing firsthand. Marvel at the intricate craftsmanship as McCarty shapes molten glass into exquisite creations, offering a truly unique and mesmerising experience – Free to watch on weekends!

While here, take a short stroll to the coastal path for a glimpse of 'Devil's Hole' itself – an awe-inspiring blowhole sculpted by nature's hand over millennia. And either conclude your day with a delightful meal at the nearby Priory Inn or St Mary's Country Inn, both offering delicious fare and cosy atmospheres to unwind after a day of exploration before heading back to base with a nightcap at Hotel de France.

Day Three: Exploring Jersey's Wild West

On the third day of the cast's Jersey adventure, The Apprentice Scavenger Hunt presented an intriguing mix of items – a shackle, Jersey Royals, and a seven-foot foam surfboard. Following their footsteps, head to the wonderfully wild west of the island to tick these ones off, taking you for highline tree walks at Valley Adventure, a seafood lunch and a sundowner overlooking beautiful St Ouen’s Bay.

Stop 1: Valley Adventure

Embrace the thrill of the outdoors and kick off the day at Valley Adventure Centre, where excitement builds from the ground up. Shackle up and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled experience on the Giant King Swing or the exhilarating 150m Zipwire. Alternatively, test your agility and nerve with Aerial Trekking and Abseiling Walls amidst the lush surroundings of Jersey's countryside. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a novice seeking excitement, Valley Adventure offers fun for all ages, making it the perfect morning destination for kids of all ages.

Stop 2: Faulkner Fisheries

Indulge in a true taste of Jersey at Faulkner Fisheries, where the flavours of the sea meet the island's famed Jersey Royals. Feast on their renowned Seafood BBQ, featuring the freshest catches served alongside buttery Jersey Royals, all against the picturesque backdrop of St Ouen's Bay. The group’s vivier is a converted Second World War German bunker at L’Etacq in St Ouen with panoramic views and mouthwatering fare, this outdoor venue promises an unforgettable dining experience. (Please note: Faulkner operates during the warmer months, weather permitting.)

Stop 3: Jersey Surf School and El Tico

After a leisurely lunch, it's time to hit the waves and soak up the surf culture of Jersey at the iconic St Ouen's Bay. Join the experts at Jersey Surf School for an exhilarating surfing experience, whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time enthusiast. Feel the rush as you ride the waves of one of Europe's best surfing spots, surrounded by the stunning beauty of Jersey's coastline.

As the sun begins to dip below the horizon, round off your day at El Tico, an island institution renowned for its laid-back atmosphere and locally brewed sundowners. Sit back, relax, and toast to another unforgettable day in Jersey as you soak in the panoramic views of St Ouen's Bay, with the option to catch a mesmerising sunset for the perfect end to your coastal adventure.

Day 4: The final flourish

As your journey through Jersey, following in the footsteps of The Apprentice cast, draws to a close, savour the final moments of your island adventure with a tantalising blend of delicious food, fresh sea air, and a generous dose of island history. Here are just a few ideas to customise your final day…

Elizabeth Castle

Take a leisurely stroll around St Helier marina, soaking in the charming maritime atmosphere before venturing to Elizabeth Castle. Whether you opt for a short amphibious ride or a walk across the causeway (depending on tides), prepare to immerse yourself in the castle's rich history after defending the island for more than 400 years. From the booming cannons of the Master Gunner to guided tours offering insights into bygone eras, Elizabeth Castle promises an unforgettable journey through Jersey's past. There’s also an unmissable view of the island from the ramparts!

Botanic Gardens at Samarés Manor

Discover a horticultural paradise at the Botanic Gardens at Samarés Manor. Wander through lush greenery and vibrant blooms created in the 1920's by millionaire philanthropist Sir James Knott. Explore themed gardens, from Japanese landscapes to Victorian greenhouses, pausing to admire exotic plant species. Marvel at rare specimens and ancient trees, finding serenity amidst nature's splendour.

St Aubin's Bay and Village

Explore a vast expanse of sandy beach spanning from St Helier to St Aubin’s Harbour. As the bay faces south, you can bask in the sunshine from dawn to dusk. Feel the loose, golden sand beneath your feet as you walk along this sheltered beach.

At St Aubin's Village, treat yourself to a gourmet dining experience at The Anchor Club. Set against the backdrop of the stunning bay of St Aubin, indulge in a feast for the senses as you savour gourmet cuisine crafted from the freshest local ingredients. With panoramic views stretching beyond the horizon, The Anchor Club offers the perfect setting to reflect on your Jersey adventure and toast to the unforgettable memories made along the way.

As you bid farewell to Jersey, may the flavours, sights, and experiences of the island linger in your memories long after your journey has ended.

Until next time, farewell and safe travels.