Jersey Walking and Cycling

Walking and Cycling In Jersey

Explore 45 miles of Green Lanes walking and cycling through Jersey. Enquire Now

    Walking & Cycling in Jersey

    Get outdoors and really discover the beauty of Jersey.

    Walking in Jersey

    With walking being so good for the soul, what better to blow away the cobwebs and discover Jersey's landscapes. Meander along rugged cliff paths carpeted with gorse and wildflowers as the sea gently laps the shore below, wander through wooded valleys and country lanes to birdsong, or gently able along the marine before stopping to savour some of the local food and drink at a seaside pub.

    From north to south, east to west, Jersey's landscape changes dramatically within just a few miles, and if you prefer to step out on your own but follow a seasoned trail you're in luck. Head north and there's a choice of five walks taking in the steep cliffs that overlook perfectly hidden bays and along coastal paths that climb and dip. Click here for routes to follow in the north of Jersey. A further five self-guided routes await you in the south, a vista of surfing beaches and sandy bays. Click here for routes in the south of Jersey. Head east and green fields and hills roll down to the coast, meeting the sea at a mix of rugged cliffs, secluded bays, big beaches and a vast, otherworldly intertidal expanse. Click here to find out where you can step out in the east of Jersey. If it's walking along the sand beside the wild surf that you crave, then go west! Click here for the five self-guided routes in the west.

    Alternatively, why not embark on a walking tour with a knowledgeable local guide who will lead you on a journey through the island's history whilst beating a path through hidden trails and secluded bays. Just bring your walking shoes and a sense of adventure. Click here for details.

    You may also wish to coincide your visit with one of Jersey's walking events. Perhaps opt for the Walking through Autumn Festival, when a series of guided and self-guided walks take place around the island, walking to and nearby National Trust sites and properties. In 2022 this is planned for 07-11 September and you can find out more by clicking here.

    Whether you stroll, walk or strut be sure to get moving on your island break.

    Cycling in Jersey

    Many would say that exploring by bike is the most enjoyable and immersive way to experience a destination. There’s certainly nothing to block out the scent of the gorse, the sound of seabirds or the crash of the waves as you wend your way around Jersey’s coastal roads. With a network of 15mph ‘Green Lanes’ through the island’s countryside and miles of bicycle-friendly routes, a cycle ride is the perfect way to explore this unique island.

    The island's many cycle routes are clearly marked and take in miles of rich countryside, coastal tracks and Green Lanes, where life slows down to a gentle 15mph.  Take in routes that cross farm, field and coast all which lead you to some of the best views on the island. Click here to find out more.

    Jersey is also family friendly when it comes to two-wheeled adventures. Click here for details of routes that suit those with little legs, some with pit stops where you can treat everyone to a delicious Jersey ice cream.

    For experienced rides, there are also advanced routes to really get the blood pumping. Click here for a route to that matches your skill level.

    All manner of bicycles can be hired on the island, including electric bikes with EVieBike. Simply download EVie’s free app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and register. FIND an available bike near you using the map in EVie’s Free bike app. Go to the bike. RENT the nearby Evie Bike by opening the app and scanning the QR code you’ll find on the battery beneath the seat. Press ‘Rent Bike’ in the app. Squeeze either brake lever twice, quickly. PARK your bike at an Evie Bike virtual station (free) using the app map or elsewhere for a small rehoming fee.

    However you choose to explore the island on two wheels, you're sure to find your freedom on Jersey's lanes and roads.