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The Channel islands are great places to explore and with such an array of attractions there is sure to be something for everyone. We have created a list of some of the attractions that we think would be great to add to your Guernsey or Jersey holiday experience and make for the perfect photo opportunity as shown in these Instagram posts.

Jersey Attractions

This picture was taken by Jersey Seafaris and it shows the glorious weather in Jersey. Take a boat ride with them and you may be lucky enough to see the Channel Islands marine wildlife including Dolphins!

Did you know that Jersey War Tunnels runs over 1km in length and was built by forced labour under German command during the Jersey Occupation? These tunnels bore witness to the cruelty of the Nazi regime and are now home to a series of thought provoking galleries, dioramas and interactive exhibitions. The unfinished tunnels are particularly poignant reminder of the suffering faced by forced labourers who built the tunnels under German command. The original operating theatre, boiler room, telephone exchange and Storeman’s office are also preserved. The inimitable feel of the tunnels remains, but within the galleries - each dedicated to a different chapter of the period - there is light, colour and sound. The Tunnels offer an experience that aims to tell the whole story of the German Occupation of Jersey in the words and phrases of the people who were there. To view the map and details of each exhibition, simply follow this link: _________________________________ #JerseyWarTunnels #JerseyOccupation #WorldWarTwo #GermanOccupation #UnfinishedTunnels #Occupation #WarTime #LifeDuringTheWar #Veteran #History #IslandHistory #JerseyHistory #JerseyCI #VisitJerseyCI #JerseyChannelIslands

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Jersey's most evocative museum, The Jersey War Tunnels, opens your eyes to the 5 years of German occupation during World War II. Originally intended as artillery barracks it was converted to a hospital in 1944.

Known for it's work in saving and breeding endangered species the Jersey Zoo, operated by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, is a picture perfect way to glimpse some of the rarest animals on the planet.

Guernsey Attractions

Enjoy an adrenaline rush with Island Rib Voyages this summer. Hurtle between the islands and explore bays and caves and see local wildlife on the way.

The island of Sark offers visitors a step back in time to a place where there is no traffic to spoil the stunning views and picturesque rural interiors. The high cliff path in this beautiful image offers views out over Dixcart Bay.

The 270 steep steps down to down to Petit Port are definitely worth it for a view this beautiful! Guernsey Beach Guide have manged to capture this glorious secluded bay in all it's glory.